Litigation Support

consultancy services and legal expertise to protect your business

Litigation Support

Litigation is expensive and time consuming. Unfortunately, litigation has become a regular fixture in growing a business in the U.S. Zhemian Ventures provides consultancy services and legal expertise to help your firm and its portfolio companies develop strategies for bringing and defending against litigation, and doing so in the most efficient manner possible.

We meet with you regarding any pending or proposed litigation. If your firm or company is a defendant in a pending lawsuit, we will review relevant documents (e.g. pleadings, responses, motions, contracts, agreements, correspondence, etc.) and recommend strategies and options to protect your interest. If you need our assistance retaining qualified outside legal counsel to represent you, we can help. We can put you in touch with a number of the firms that have gained our confidence over the years.

If your firm or company is initiating a lawsuit, we review the relevant documents, consult with you regarding the facts supporting your claims, help you identify what claims are available, develop strategies and options, and, if requested, assist in retaining qualified outside legal counsel.

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