for venture capital and private equity firms

Venture Capital/Private Equity Consulting Services

Zhemian Ventures specializes in venture capital consulting. We have a wealth of experience in venture capital and private equity transactions, corporate finance, and securities compliance. In addition to providing legal advisory and support services, we also offer the following consulting services for our vc/pe clients: due diligence for mergers and acquisitions; executive management assessment for start-ups and under-performing companies; strategic planning; business development and business expansion.

Monitoring Services

Zhemian Ventures helps maximize your firm’s investments by assisting in monitoring and consulting with portfolio companies. We meet with principals of portfolio companies, assess ongoing business operations to make sure the company is on target to meet projected milestones, perform due diligence and provide a full decisive analysis and detailed report to your firm. Because each firm has its own unique slate of portfolio companies, each with its own set of unique challenges and needs, our vc/pe consulting and monitoring services are only offered on a (competitive) hourly rate basis.

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Zhemian Ventures is committed to helping entrepreneurs around the world build their dreams into reality, by providing all the necessary legal advisory and support services, strategic planning, and informational resources required to make their business a success.