The Positive Side of a Pandemic

This blog entry deviates from my normal discussion regarding legal developments in entrepreneurialism and in venture capital and private equity sectors. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not living in normal times. Instead, it is my hope that this entry simply encourages you, by reminding you, the reader, that you are powerful and that our thoughts, words, and actions create our reality.

We are definitely living in challenging times. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, I want to share with you a meditation that came to me during a challenge in my personal life.  Let this meditation provide you some measure of relief—a welcomed break—from the constant stream of bad news we are inundated with on an hourly basis through the news media. Let this meditation encourage you and motivate all of us to stay positive and to love and support one another.  

I’ve learned that no one is immune to challenges. Challenges do not discriminate. Regardless of our race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, nationality, religion, or gender…we all face challenges—challenges in our health, relationships, finances, career, faith or all of the above.  

No one purposely seeks to introduce a challenge into his/her life. Nevertheless, we experience challenges.  Challenges exist because they are a part of Life. There is no Life without challenges. They are the stuff of Life.

Once we truly understand and accept that challenges are—and will always be a part of this human experience, then there is no more struggle. We know challenges are as much a part of Life as breathing is. And just as we pass from one breath to another, we know this challenge too shall pass.  

When we have a true grasp of this understanding, a calm resolve (i.e. the peace of God ruling our hearts and minds) will rest upon us…a resolve which causes us to accept, without complaint, what is going on in our lives and prompts us to flex our God-muscle to imagine and create a better tomorrow. We are creators. Challenges are simply opportunities to express the power of our divinity by using this God-given ability to create.

When a challenge arises, don’t fret or worry. The stress of worrying will not only cause conflict with your loved ones within your home, but it will also weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible not only to the Coronavirus, but to other viruses and diseases.

Instead, when challenges arise and they will, EMBRACE THEM. Thank God for them…even the challenges that we unwittingly create for ourselves. Bless them…for they present to us the opportunity to express our divinity and to create a new reality, rising above the challenge.

So, what is the positive side of this pandemic? The opportunity to grow in our divinity and to create something new, something better! Let us use this pandemic to remind us of who we really are…to remind us that we are inherently creators, the sons and daughters of God, created in the image of God—the Source of all Creation. Know that we are individual expressions of God…that we are that powerful!

Continue to stay home, videoconference with your loved ones, tell them you love them more often, and be safe. And while we practice social distancing guidelines to keep our bodies free from contamination, let us not forget about our spirit.

Let’s use this pandemic to motivate us to create a better tomorrow for ourselves, for our country, for our planet, and for our entire species. Let us visualize and be intentional about creating a more compassionate, more loving, and more unified world. We have the power to do so. We can come out of this pandemic better, stronger, more loving, more powerful, and more resilient than when we went into it.

Stay strong and be encouraged.  This too shall pass!

Martin A. Brown

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